Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are you in the WRITE zone?

All students CAN write. Common core appears scarey on the surface, however, with "close" reading and analysis of the standard, we find key words that scaffold the tasks. Notice all Kindergarten writing standards clearly state "with a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose......." In addition, the language standards along with several reading standards state " with prompting and support"......
With that in mind and a clear understanding of the tasks, the expectations for not only the student but for us as educators become clearer and are indeed scaffolded to assist students at their Zone of Proximal Development. (Don't you just love Vygotsky?)
To help ease the frustration levels and ensure that all students work at the ZPD, I use a goal chart ( ideas combined from other sources and years of grade level brainstorming) to provide a visual, as well as a starting point for emergent writiers. The students actually help me list the goals on the chart during a mini lesson. The goals change as we progress during the year. Post it notes are effective as they are usually accessible in our supplies, inexpensive, easy to manipulate on the chart, and require no prior fancy or fluffy preparations for the writing lessons (I am all about "NO FLUFF").
My class videos, unstaged or rehearsed, of the goal setting sessions are available for your veiwing upon request. I havent gained YOU TUBE confidence!
Remember, each child has a place for success in writing and celebrations should take place often at their "ZONE"!

Happy Writing,

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