Saturday, September 28, 2013

Write on!

I always wonder if the anchor charts intorduced during mini lessons really have a lasting impact.  Humbly, I brag on my budding writers as they brought affirmation this week to our lessons . As a wrap up with reminders, just before the work session of our writing started, several students chimed, "you gotta think it, then talk it, and then you can write it out!" I even heard "cause you gotta make sense and know what you mean when you put it on your paper!" Woo- hoo! That was music to my ears and the best part was seeing it in action during our work/conference session.  I attached a photo below of our chart . This is the chart we use daily and the one I shared during our teacher session for those that didn't get a chance to copy this idea.  Hope you find this helpful. Until next time.... Keep thinking, talking, and writing!

(I credit Lucy Caulkins with this three step process)


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