Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How many parts?

Clapping the parts of words is a fun way for children to hear syllables, segment, and chunk word families. This week in our literacy center students used gloves( Helps with the noise, and it's fun!) to clap the name of the pictures on the cards, then sort by the number of syllables or word parts. Students then record their answers by writing the words or drawing pictures on a graph that corresponds with the number.

(oops, one of the cards is on the wrong row...Can you find it?)



  1. Hey Delia! I need to add this to my classroom. I need to put some gloves on my wish list. I need more spaces to put pocket charts and ways to get them to stay up. When I use those sticky clip things, they always come down.

  2. Cute idea! I'll have to use that with Mia. I haven't checked your blog in awhile so I need to catch up. It's looking good:)