Saturday, January 7, 2012

Small Moments

"Small Moments" are actually "Giant Steps" when in reference to developing the emergent writer. Before I proceed I must give credit where due. Small moments is a process used in the writers workshop first shared by Lucy Caulkins. I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing her present steps for getting beginning writers to write while attending a reading recovery workshop several years ago in Savannah, Georgia. I found it affirming that she insists students actually begin to put planned thoughts on paper to connect print to meaning. While some consultants and educators are extreme in believing writing is developmental, and children are not ready to write particularly in kindergarten, I find this unfair to my students. Lucy walks the students through "watching the movie" in our mind, seeing it, hearing it.....telling about it and finally recording thoughts on paper. I teach my students to "think it out, talk it out, write it out" ( I will post a visual of this soon. I am away from school as I write this) All of these steps in getting the child's language and thought process working toward writing are indeed small moments. Of course the conventions of writing develop as the child aquires a larger repretoire of phonemic awareness and phonological knowledge. This is where modeling, coaching, and most importantly, individual conferences( DAILY) play a major role. Encourage the language that supports the "Movies" in our minds and watch your writers as their small moments become Giant steps! I attached a photo I found on Pinterest ( don't ya love that site?) posted by Kim Adsit at I was totally excited when I saw it and immediately knew that she and I must share common interest! Thanks Kim!
4 Small Moments 2

Check back soon for more small moments.

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