Friday, January 6, 2012

Word Finders

Learning to read is so exciting in kindergarten or for any emergent reader. Often we get caught up in the excitement and fail to notice if students are actually reading the indivdual words with tracking or just using the repetitive language that matches the pictures. While repetition and tracking are vital to reading, students need to recognize individual words within a sentence. Wikki stix have been around for years but are still a hit with my beginning readers. They provide a hands on tool for students that struggle with understanding the concept of "this is a word" and actually "seeing" it. I also use the stix to show the difference between words and letters and later identifying a complete sentence. I find these an asset to my supplies at the reading table. They are reusable, with no need to write in a book, plus it saves me time and reduces paper reproducables. Wikki Stix allow the students to use the "real" book to practice the skill in a meaningful way and they often ask for them during centers to apply and practice independently with BIG books!

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