Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You might be a penny if.....

We began our money unit in Math this week. The children love working with money.. Who doesn't? Although we practiced identifying coins daily as part of our morning meeting, we extend the skill during our math lessons/centers. Today as we focused on the penny and it's value, we played " You might be a penny if..." Each child took a coin from the money bag. After time for observation and think-pair-share with their peers, each child sorted their coin into the correct sorting ring. ( I love sorting rings..soooo many ways to use them!)The choices were: is a penny, is not a penny Before the coin was placed in the ring, each child told somethat that justified their choice. I wrote the responses on sentence strips and the student placed it next to the chosen sorting ring. I was most impressed with their responses. With minimal preparation, we now have a student made money center for later practice!


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