Thursday, January 5, 2012

Student's self checking writing rubric

As a part of my writing workshop, the NBCT in me is constantly reminded that it is my duty to create lifelong learners,( a National Board common core standard and basically just good teaching practice). Through this process of writing I encourage my students to take responsibility for their work by checking our class made writing rubric. Yes, during a group session the students DID indeed decide on the elements that make up our rubric! I find it exciting that the process of writing for my kinders now demonstrates their understanding that print has meaning and it is important to edit so that the reader can make sense of their writing. This chart is posted in our class and we refer to it daily during modeled sessions and as a part of our closing and student conferences. I also use printed copies of this rubric ( I will upload this weekend) that make our conferences easier to note their progress and next steps. Feel free to use if you find it helpful and adapt to your writers needs.


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